Frequently asked questions

How do the sizes run on the t-shirts?

T-shirts run about a half-size smaller than what you normally order. All t-shirts are unisex.

Where can I find Whiskey Pines content outside of the website?

Both the Whiskey Pines National and Cheat Meal Podcast are on spotify and itunes. You can check us out on YouTube as well.

Is this shirt work-place appropriate?

Sure! Why not? You can wear it anywhere you'd like. We also take 0 responsibility if your bosses don't enjoy casual Friday as much as we do.

Will your golf ball make us better golfers?

Great question! No, but you will look better doing it. As the great "Neon Deion" once said, look good, feel good, play good!

Where is Whiskey Pines National headquartered?

At the moment we are in Bloomington, IN with satalite offices in Florida, New Mexico and California.