Does this mean we've made it??

Dave Portnoy "El Pres" is keeping all of us entertained during this global pandemic and every night hosts an #unboxing on his instagram. Well tonight he opened a package from us and we couldn't be more excited. No this is not an ad, no he does not endorse us, it's just really cool for someone we looked up to as we built the company wear our gear.

We built this brand on the idea we were tired of old fashioned uptight country clubs and after years in the PGA, we decided to make a brand that sounded like a prestigious course. If you get a chance check out our gear, podcasts or video series.

All we can say is, give him a follow if for some reason you haven't, tune into his instagram live and see all the creative presents and brands he is opening. Dave....El Pres....Devilfish Dave.... can't thank you enough!

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Drew Spuller

"No regrets that's my motto....that and everyone wang chung tonight" - Out Cold

I love me some me! - Justin Thomas






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