Live Sports in America is Back! Thank You Golf!

Before we get into golf, betting and how happy we are that I don't have to watch the same shows over and over again anymore (I still will). I wanted to address what's happening in the world, for those of you that follow my personal account (@dspuller), a friend of many, many people including myself died tragically during the protests and riots in Indianapolis recently. Chris Beaty was an incredible human being. Chris played football at Indiana University prior to my time at IU but we got to know him through my sister for years. I haven't seen or heard a negative thing ever said about Chris, he truly embodied making the world a better place. If you would like to read more about Chris or donate to the scholarship fund for him, please follow the links below.

I created Whiskey Pines National with the thought in mind that this was a brand for everyone. We stand firmly with the Black community in their fight for equality and will do what we can to listen, understand and act how we see fit. We believe everyone has the right to be free and to be treated the way everyone should be treated. We need to end the violence across the board and make this country the country it was always meant to be.

Now onto what you're probably here for:

I don't think I could possibly be more excited about golf being back. The last 90 days have honestly felt more like 5 years, so much has happened in the world and in our personal lives. Let's first start by saying we hope everyone is safe and healthy with your families. Golf is a sport that has a lot of social distancing elements to it as it is but the first few tournaments will be played without fans. There is nothing more exciting to me right now than to actually have live sports back, MMA, the Outlaw Tour in Arizona, Korean Baseball and the Bundesliga have kept our interest but now we are going to get to see our favorite golfers tee it up post Covid-19.

It'll be interesting to see who has been practicing and who has been enjoying their time off away from the course this week. There will be some players playing this week that haven't played Colonial in years...cough Dustin Johnson cough.....but needless to say we are stoked! Give the podcast a listen to hear our thoughts and what we have planned coming up! Also, don't forget to get your WPN Merchandise at the store, if you're in Bloomington I'll setup free delivery.

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Drew Spuller

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