Planes, Trains and Oktoberfest!

Happy Friday! Now that we have gotten the new website somewhat figured out (One of us accidentally deleted the entire website during the transition) it's time to get back to blogging. I've been a little quiet as I've been getting acclimated with my new role in Indiana. That being said, we have launched two new episodes for The Cheat Meal Podcast and I couldn't be more excited about the direction it is going. Tonight, I'll be catching a flight to Europe to spend a week capturing content, trying out various foods and drinking a beer or two...hundred. I'll blog throughout the trip but feel free to follow along on instagram and twitter with the following handles @dspuller , @whiskeypines and @cheatmealpod. A few updates on the various activities below:

Whiskey Pines National Podcast: As you all know we are in the process of going through a transition in the podcast. I am happy to announce we have a new permanent co-host, Derrick Campbell. The focus of the podcast going forward will be golf and current events in sports. We are hoping to launch the weekly podcast in October with podcasts launching every Monday.

The Cheat Meal Podcast: Lauren and I have been working diligently on podcasts and videos to show y'all. As we continue to bring you updated content, please let us know what you'd like to hear. We are in the process of working on a YouTube series, in which we will highlight the various cheat meals and the healthy alternatives to make at home.

WPN Apparel: I have taken a small step back on the apparel line, I want to focus on moving the current hat line and t-shirt style. Expansion is in the plans but want to make sure the core is right before we dive head first into a full apparel line.

Whiskey Pines National is something I care about and has provided me some of the most fun entertainment I've ever had. The conversations I've been able to be a part make me smile just thinking about it as I write now. We will continue to push forward and make this a brand a community. I've started to use the #BeTheBrand more and more and I think that's more for me than anything. The way I view it is, I need to act like the brand, wear the brand and do things I want the brand to represent. I hope all of you that are reading this see this brand as something we've created for y'all. I'm beyond excited about where we're headed.

p.s. if anyone wants to help develop a specialty Whiskey....hit me up.

CEO/Founder/Village Idiot,

Drew Spuller

"Not all treasure is silver and gold" - Captain Jack Sparrow

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