Presidents Cup Week + Patrick Reed

I've long said my favorite event in golf is the Ryder Cup....the atmosphere alone is giving me goosebumps as I'm writing this. That being said the much lesser in form version of the Ryder Cup is the Presidents Cup...if I was going to rate my favorite events (which I am) this would be mid-level, only because it's the USA vs anyone.

(This video still gives me chills as the USA team made a huge comeback to win at Brookline - YouTube it)

My list of favorite golf events:

1) Ryder Cup





2) Masters

3) PGA Championship

4) US Open

5) Waste Management

6) AT&T Pro-Am

7) Whichever one Austin is playing in

8) KitchenAid Sr. PGA Championship

9) Solheim Cup

10) KPMG Women's PGA Championship

11) Presidents Cup

12) Players

As you can see, it's up there but not really something I plan my weekend around. An overseas Ryder Cup will adjust my sleep schedule, like when the Cubs won the World just deal with the lack of sleep as you witness history. I'm excited about being able to cheer on the USA team but it's been such a one-sided affair, it's like beating up a JV team...yeah it's a win but no one really expected you to lose.

Back on topic though, Austin and I both agree this should be a US route in Australia...we'll keep people updated but anything less than that will probably be a disappointment. The main thing we're all looking for is how and when Tiger inserts himself as a Player-Captain or does he hold off using his ace in the hole until singles on Sunday.

We also talk about Patrick Reed....not much to say here except he just continues to show his true colors and blaming the camera angle is absolute insanity. If you would like to see the video it's below...

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Drew Spuller

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