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Waste Management Open Week

It's the Greenest Party in golf week....oh yeah and its Super Bowl weekend but that's secondary! This is the type of tournament that can only happen a few times a year but provides a pure sports atmosphere. This is the most attended event and is 100% green as well. The amount of money they are able to bring in for charity is amazing. https://wmphoenixopen.com/thunderbirds/benefiting-charities/

I love this week so much because it allows a fringe fan or someone who doesn't love the tour on a weekly basis the opportunity to be loud and act like they would at a traditional sporting event. They know if someone hits the green they cheer, if they miss they boo....it's life of sports. The very few times someone hits a hole-in-one pure mayhem breaks out! (See below)

I mean how can you not love this type of tournament .....*cough* Austin Wallace *cough*. This week I'm going with Rickie Fowler (+1600) and Xander Schauffele (+1800). Jon Rahm is the favorite this week and deservedly so, he went to school at ASU and has always played well in this event.

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Drew Spuller

"No regrets that's my motto....that and everyone wang chung tonight" - Out Cold

I love me some me! - Justin Thomas






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