WPN Re-Launch December 1st

Well here we are...November 1st in Indiana and it's snowing.......I don't remember it being this cold here and skipping fall but oh's happening.

As we've put a lot of thought into the direction of Whiskey Pines National, I am beyond happy to announce the re-launch of our brand December 1, 2019! There is a ton of new content coming your way, along with re-launching the Whiskey Pines National Podcast. The outline for content is below and will kick-off with the launch of our first adventure video tomorrow (November 2nd).

Whiskey Pines National (@whiskeypines)

  • A golf and adventure focused podcast will drop every Monday starting December 2nd

  • New co-host(s) will be announced before Thanksgiving

  • Once a month we will drop new travel videos, I'm actively out collecting as much content as I can and trying to hone my skills on Adobe Premiere....(open to teaching if anyone wants to show me)

The Cheat Meal (@cheatmealpod)

  • We will get on a more consistent schedule with a podcast dropping every other Friday, starting December 6th

  • New video content will drop every Friday starting December 6th on our social channels and YouTube - we will be making your favorite Cheat Meals at home and showing you healthy alternatives as well. (Send in your suggestions)

  • Going to post as much food and fitness as possible on our Instagram


  • I"m going to start blogging twice a week moving forward, main topics will be around our adventures, golf, sports, fitness, music and food. We've been able to meet a lot of great people and view the blog as an opportunity to continue to showcase those avenues.


Our apparel makes the perfect holiday gift! Make sure you get your order in by December 15th to receive prior to Christmas!

To highlight it all starting December 1st, you can start to expect a schedule that looks like the following:

  • Monday - Whiskey Pines National Podcast and Blog

  • Friday - Cheat Meal Podcast and YouTube Video

  • Once a month - Golf / Adventure Video

If you have any suggestions on videos, podcast topics or guests you can reach me through the website or one of my many social channels.


Drew Spuller - @dspuller





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